Gas Infrastructure


The Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (DBNGP), the major gas pipeline connecting the North West Shelf gas fields near Dampier with markets principally located in the South West of Western Australia, is WA’s most significant gas transmission asset. A possible connection point to the DBNGP is located less than 0.3km from the proposed hydrogen plant location.

The WA Government has set a goal of up to 10% hydrogen being blended with natural gas across the State’s gas network1. AGIG is the owner of the DBNGP and completed a positive Feasibility Study2 in 2022 assessing the injection of hydrogen into the DBNGP. This Study found the pipeline adjacent to the Bristol Springs Project (Mainline South) is already capable of injecting up to 9% hydrogen without any major modifications. Stage One of the Project would account for less than 1% hydrogen to the DBNGP based on an average minimum daily flow.

Federal and State governments have begun the process of amending national gas laws and regulations to bring hydrogen blends, biomethane and other renewable gases under the national gas regulatory framework. Additional legislative amendments and approvals will be required in Western Australia to allow the injection of any quantity of hydrogen into a gas transmission or distribution system.

Frontier and AGIG have signed a Collaboration Agreement to work together to make joint submissions to the relevant WA Government departments in relation to the possible injection of hydrogen into the Mainline South section of the DBNGP.