Net Zero Certification


Bristol Springs Project receives pre-certification for the Zero Carbon Certification Scheme

In December 2020, the Smart Energy Council launched its Zero Carbon Certification Scheme. It is an industry-led Guarantee of Origin style scheme which promotes the uptake and distribution of renewable hydrogen products and their derivatives in Australia and overseas.

The scheme assesses the embedded carbon in hydrogen, ammonia and metals produced within Australia.

Frontier has received pre-certification for the Zero Carbon Certification Scheme for Bristol Springs Renewable Energy Project.

This is a major milestone as it gives assurance to all stakeholders, including shareholders, financiers and offtakers, that the production process will deliver zero carbon hydrogen, or green hydrogen.

By awarding certification to projects that do the right thing, we can build a credible new industry based on transparency and set Australia up as a renewable hydrogen superpower.

– John Grimes, CEO of the Smart Energy Council