The clean energy transition affects both power supply (replace fossil fuels with renewable energy) and power demand (electrify everything). WA has over the past 12 months experienced the seven highest demand days since the beginning of the Wholesale Electricity Market1, while the bulk of coal fired supply is scheduled to be retired by 2029. Yet only ~35% of electricity generated in 20232 was from renewables, well short of the 2030 target of 82%.

Frontier’s Waroona Renewable Energy Project, located near the town of Waroona in the South West of Western Australia, is ideally positioned to support Australia’s clean energy transition, and at the same time address a looming power deficit in WA that has been forecast by the Australian Energy Market Operator.

The Company holds 868ha of freehold land located within 0.5km of the Landwehr Terminal, a major connection point to WA’s electricity network located on high voltage (330kV) transmission lines in the least constrained portion of the network.

The Company has completed a DFS for Stage One of the Project, comprising a 120MWdc solar farm with integrated 80MW four-hour battery storage, on a 303ha area. See DFS announcement here.

Frontier has mandated debt advisers and strategic advisers to facilitate funding. The funding process is well advanced, with strong interest from major banks to provide debt terms that align with the DFS assumptions, and the Company is on track to receive binding credit approved terms in July 2024 that will allow for a Final Investment Decision shortly thereafter. The Project is on track to deliver first energy onto the Western Australian grid by 2026.

The technical concepts in the DFS are easily applied to adjacent land held by the Company to accelerate expansion into the current high demand market conditions. Frontier has secured land and potential access to the network to export multiples of Stage One capacity in future.

Frontier has assembled a balanced and well-respected board of directors and management team, with extensive experience in project development, capital markets and the energy industry.