A strategic location in the SWIS

One of the most significant advantages of the Project is the proximity to and accessibility of the electricity network, the SWIS. The Project is located within 0.5km from the Landwehr Terminal, a major connection point onto the SWIS, and the Company has secured access to a network connection Frontier already has an Electricity Transfer Access Contract (ETAC) and Interconnection Works Contract (IWC) in place.

The Landwehr Terminal is on 330kV power lines, enabling Frontier to access the Wholesale Electricity Market (or ‘WEM’) in one of the least constrained and most strategic locations of the SWIS, amongst a number of large industrial customers in the South West.

Furthermore, the SWIS connection enables Frontier to receive Reserve Capacity Payments for establishing power generation capacity. These are received from the energy market operator AEMO.

Finally, as an accredited power station, the project can create Large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) for renewable electricity generated.

For further details of the WEM, click here.

A recent report by independent specialist energy and resources consultancy ResourcesWA demonstrates that there are no other opportunities that exist on the SWIS for the development of a connected generator of the scale of the Project in the short or medium term, and that until 2030, only Landwehr Terminal, where the Project is located, can readily accommodate new large scale renewable connections of 250 MW or or greater1.

1 See ASX announcement here